This 80’s ranch home has seen a complete remodel to accommodate the homeowner’s burgeoning art career. Mrs. Lancaster wanted to create a multifunctional space in her side yard to provide room for an art gallery, work space, and outdoor living. She also desired to have a refined industrial aesthetic despite the contrasting traditional architectural style of the home.
The one-car garage conversion to an indoor art studio started the renovation of the space. Double sliding doors frame the corner of the art studio, which allow the artist to be fully engaged with the newly remodeled courtyard.
When entering into the courtyard from the custom front yard gate, the guest is instantly transported from a traditional front yard to an inviting, yet eclectic courtyard. The vegetable garden is grown in the galvanized steel tubs to accentuate the industrial motif. The custom designed trellis and the homeowner’s own mirror artwork enhance this corner space to be an effective node within the enclosure.
Before the transformation, the side yard was unbearable due to the afternoon sun. This was addressed through the addition of a solid patio cover designed to look as if it was a part of the original architecture. It now provides a comfortable shaded sitting area, perfect for eating meals outside, mingling, working, or just enjoying the outdoors. The fence was resurfaced with a corrugated metal façade with a black stained wood frame and metal hooks attached to the top of the fence to present art work for future exhibits and hanging café lights.
Plantings are almost all in galvanized steel horse tanks and barrels to create the desired industrial appearance and produce visually interesting elevation changes. Plants such as horsetail reeds, ornamental grasses and fig ivy were selected to soften the metal and brick enclosures.
The home’s small side yard was configured into the perfect sanctuary for the residents and a great place to host an art exhibit, dinner, or informal gathering at any time of the year. The design completes all of the intended functionalities the Lancasters were hoping for, and have made their dream courtyard a reality.