Madubuike's Backyard Pool Garden Concept Design 3D Animation Screen Shots were created based on the 2D Master Landscape Plan we created for our clients. The 3D Designs give opportunity to the homeowners to visualize the outcome at the design stage before they invest into the construction. Video animations generated from 3D Designs are also helpful to get the true feeling of the environment we try to create for our clients.
For this project, 3D Design was able to help our client to see the elevation differences between the levels and how the natural grass steps will tie the upper level and lower areas without adding any more hardscape.
As a homeowner, when 2D Designs cannot be enough to visualize the project's end results for you, investing into 3D Design and Video Animations will be great way to eliminate the problems in the construction phase and can help to save you money by preventing misinterpretations during the design phase.