This project focused on transforming the residents’ unusable side yard. They wanted to incorporate an outdoor space that provided space for grilling, gardening, and relaxing. This was achieved by separating the long side yard into multiple sections for each type of function.
One of the assets of the existing conditions was the large Bald Cypress. This grand tree provides great shade and is much loved by Mr. and Mrs. Wolf. It easily became the focal point of the design. The wood decks were designed to frame the bald cypress and give it the attention it deserves.
Built in wooden seatwalls and raised wooden planters are connected to the deck and continued throughout the design for cohesion within the small space. The seating areas create intimate spaces for small gatherings and relaxing.
Because the residences enjoy gardening, veggie gardens, a compost bin, and a work station were also an integral part of the design. With this design, the once unusable side yard became a much more functional and aesthetically pleasing part of this home.